Invitation for the Model Citizen’s Assembly

Model Citizens’ Assembly

to discuss

“Should the UK Join the UN’s Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)?”

to be held on the Zoom Webinar Platform on Sunday January 10th 2021 from 19.00 to 21.30 GMT

Introduced by Fabrizio Hochschild
UN Under-Secretary-General in charge of the UN 75th Anniversary
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The UK Government, along with all NATO Member States, boycotted the discussions at the UN about the TPNW and have not signed it. This online Model Citizen’s Assembly(MCA) explores whether or not the UK should now join the UN Treaty which comes into force on January 22nd 2021. Making the argument for “NO” will be a representative of the UK government’s Counter-Proliferation and Arms Control Centre (CPACC). Making the “YES” argument will be Dr Rebecca Johnson, Director of the Acronym Institute and First President of the International. Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

In a Citizens’ Assembly, you learn about the issue from experts; then you question them, and then YOU get to give an informed answer to the question! Learn more HERE. For many years, the UN has promoted Model United Nations (MUNs) to help people understand the inner-workings of the UN and its member governments. An MCA helps communities understand the existential threats to human survival which the UN is seeking to solve on behalf of all of us. So doing an MCA is like doing Jury Service for the planet!

Pandemics and the Climate Emergency will be topics for future MCAs but no threat is greater than an all- out nuclear war which could trigger a nuclear winter that would make life on earth impossible. So – is the cause of peace be better served by Britain eliminating its nuclear weapons from the mix – as we have already helped eliminate landmines and chemical weapons? Or is the reason that most of us have been privileged to live our lives without the scourge of a major war been the fact that we’ve had the courage to retain our nuclear weapons? Register NOW – and help us make an informed answer!

If you’ve never experienced a Citizens’ Assembly before, do come to this one: it’s great fun!

Register HERE to be a Jury Member; Register HERE to attend as an Audience member So – Register now – and SAVE THE DATE: Sunday January 10th 2021 from 19.00 to 21.30 GMT

I look forward to seeing you there.

David Woollcombe, Convenor, Model Citizen’s Assembly on the TPNW Co-Host, UN 75th Anniversary Online Festival
Founder and Chair of Trustees, Peace Child International

PS. Jury and Audience will have the same experience of the Assembly. Jury members are chosen to represent, as precisely as possible, the different demographics of the UK population. The online audience is for everyone. At the end, they will be polled separately for their answers.