City-Transformers organized, played host, and participated in a wonderfully rich four days of gatherings in Denmark with young students from the cities of Moscow, Mexico City, Copenhagen, and London.

The students, their teachers, and facilitators all arrived in Copenhagen on Tuesday 8th October. It was a full day of meet and greet, and everyone getting to know each other. There was an evening meal for everyone at the hostel and an introductory greeting. The students were placed in mixed dormitories at the hostel so that they could mix and begin to learn of one another. The hostel proved to be an excellent place to have our base as it had ample resources, both inside and out, for all of our activities.

On Wednesday 9th October we took a ferry to Youth Island – a former fortress that, with the support of Nordea-fonden has been transformed into a popular gathering place for young people from all over the world.

During this day the young participants went for a ‘walk & talk’ around the island, mixing with the adults, so that everyone could present themselves and get to know each other.


In the summer of 2019, young people got their own island, when Youth Island opened just outside of Copenhagen.

Youth Island provides a unique platform for young people to develop and host youth activities: From outdoor concerts and cultural festivals to adventure races and innovation camps.

Once an old military sea fort, the island is currently being renovated with new and updated facilities. The idea is to create an island where young people from all kinds of communities and youth cultures can come together to create and share ideas and activities.

The concept of a Youth Island originated in the Danish scout movement in 2014, and since then the Danish scouts have been involved in the process of creating an island with activities for young people.



These four happy Islanders are:

Emil Nørgårds Vogelius, Joen Kaaber, Marian Libach Burup and Anton Vind Krogh-Jensen.